Here is a list of books, organizations, people and websites that others have found useful. Some may have a description of the information gained from this resource. Headings are also available for quicker reference.

Books Edit

General Breastfeeding Texts

Breastfeeding Your Baby by Sheila Kitzinger: I found this to be a nice general breastfeeding book. The pictures are beautiful.

The Womanly Art of Breasfeeding by La Leche League International: I really enjoyed their section title 'At home with Baby'. Has some great advice and covered a lot of my initial concerns.


No Cry Sleep Solution: I went from waking up every 40 mins to 1 hour with my seven month old, to sleeping through the night in a 2 week period. I highly recommend this book if your baby is waking often. Provides advice for everyone from crib to co-sleeping.

Organizations Edit

La Leche League: Is a support group that (probably) meets once a month is your area. Great for information, support and meeting other breastfeeding moms

People Edit

Jack Newman: He is a leading doctor on breastfeeding. He has books, pamphlets and a website (see below). If you have a question or concern and contact him, you will receive an answer within 24 hours. He is a huge supporter of breastfeeding and has really weeded through a lot of information that is invalid.

Websites Edit This site offers great all around advice. Jack Newman will also contact you within 24 hrs if you email him with a problem. He is an amazing resource.

Communities Edit

MedHelp's Breastfeeding Community. Get answers to breastfeeding questions or connect with other women who are breastfeeding.